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Much like the society, the benefits speak for themselves! Providing brand visibility and interactive engagement, we offer a range of benefits to our sponsors. The Exeter Debating Society has been celebrating free speech since 1893 - become a part of that mission and support us today!


A little can come a long way

The Exeter Debating Society was founded in 1893 in the spirit of intellectual exchange of ideas.  Over the years, we are proud to have hosted various high-profile speakers such as Anthony Eden, Mohamad Amin, Stephen Fry, Jacob Rees-Mogg, and Diane Atkinson.  Our current committee aims to continue this prestigious history of inviting high-profile speakers to offer Exeter students insights into various contemporary and historical debates. 

Our history of excellence persists in the realm of competition.  Each year, we send our members to a variety of national and international competitions - from Oxford Inter-Varsity, The Severn Cup, and Imperial Novices - to European Universities Debating Championships, as well as our own national competition,  the Exeter Open, which this year saw participants fly internationally to come together and compete. 

As the scope of our society and activities increases, and we aim to support not only our expanding membership body, but also young debaters in our county, we are looking for sponsors who will provide financial support in order to help expand our impacts both on and off campus. 



Exeter Guild
Devonshire House
Stocker Road


Thank you for your submission!

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