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Outreach Programme

We believe access to debating provides an incredibly opportunity to develop skills in public speaking, team-working and critical thinking as well building personal confidence. It gives young people a chance to not only prepare for higher education and the workplace but grow as individuals and express themselves. Today, despite the work of some incredible teachers, support for debating outside of private and grammar schools is very limited especially here in the South-West.


We are hoping to change this by launching our first-ever outreach program. Over the next year we will be working to give schools the resources, expertise and opportunities they need to get involved with debating. We will also be giving our members to get the chance to get involved, supporting their community and building their CVs by working with these schools. Details about the opportunities we are offering will be published over the next few months but if you are a South-West school interested in working with us please do get in touch through our email or the form below.

Bringing Debating to you

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