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The University of Exeter Debating Society

Celebrating 130 years of free and engaging debate.


Running three distinct types of events, we provide opportunity for aspiring debaters of any level to develop their skills and engage with insightful and relevant speakers. There is truly something for everyone, and we are proud of the variety of events and socials that we offer to our members. Whether you want to improve your debating, further public discourse or just have fun there is something for everyone in the society. 


Interactive seminars where we teach university-level British Parliamentary debating. 

Show Debates

A chance to engage with national figureheads, with four guest-speakers invited to debate topical issues of the day. 


Fun and relaxing events for members to engage with each other in a social environment. 

Celebrating our History

This year marks the 130-year anniversary of the University of Exeter Debating Society. With celebratory annual socials, and a fantastic alumni debate, access the page below to learn about our history and share in the celebrations!

Alex Martin


'The debating society has given me opportunities I have never had before. From meeting numerous fascinating public figures, to competing for Exeter nationally and internationally, I am proud to be a part of such an incredible group'

Matt Gaston


'Debating provides a fantastic opportunity for students to gain social confidence, public speaking skills, employability and a great social network. I am excited to help others find their place in the same way I was able to'

Henry Clement-Jones

Vice President

'Debating societies are crucial for challenging the current hegemonic discourse of the world around them, they are necessary for grass root challenges to norms which should be continually challenged and assessed in a thriving liberal democracy'
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