Friday Show Debates

Welcome to our website!  Since our foundation in 1893, the University of Exeter Debating Society (known as Debsoc) have strived to become the bastion of free speech and intellectual debate on campus - providing regular opportunities for our members and invited guests to discusstopical matters and debate issues of the day.


We run three distinct types of events.  Monday Workshops allow aspiring debaters of any skill level to train their debating skills with help from our experienced Intervarsity Captains, having great fun and gaining confidence along the way.  Whether you wish to be more confident, more competitive, or just have fun, these workshops are right for you!


Our Friday Show Debates are a constant source of entertainment and valuable discourse for all students on campus.  We invite four speakers, hand-picked by our Chairs and Speaker Secretaries for their expertise, to speak on some of the most pressing issues of the day. Members can not only gain insight into these topics by watching experts debate, but can also engage in the debate themselves by asking questions, a great opportunity for all involved.


We also run weekly Socials.  These are opportunities for members to blow off steam, grow closer and form unforgettable memories.  Our socials range from chill, low-key fun like our Pub Quiz to epic excursions like our Rail Ale Trail, a legendary event that always ends up fully booked. There is truly something for everyone, and we are proud of the variety of socials that we offer to our members.


Whether you want to improve your debating, further public discourse or just have fun there is something for everyone in Debsoc.  So why not join in the fun?  Become a member today, or get in touch if you would like to speak at one of our show debates; you won’t regret it! 

Ed Barradell and Ayusha Pandey

President - 2020/21