Alongside our Friday Debates, DebSoc offer a wealth of other activities: from our Monday Workshops, which offer everyone the chance to develop their public speaking ability; to our involvement in Competitions; and, our regular fun-filled social events. 

 Skills Workshops 


We run weekly workshops teaching our members to debate in the British Parliamentary style and prepare for competitions.

Refresher sessions are also available for those joining in the second term.

More details on the dates and details of our workshop for the upcoming academic year could be found on our Facebook page closer to time. 



Every year, we send our members of all abilities to national, competitions including: Oxford Inter-Varsity, Cambridge Wom*ns, Imperial Novices, and LSE Pro-Am. 

We have established good relationships with other debating societies in the South-West and attend friendly competitions throughout an academic year.

Occationally, our best debaters compete in the European Universities Debating Championships.

We also annually host our own national competition, the Exeter Open. 


Recent achievements:

Imperial Novices 2020: Gold Final Winner, Silver Finalists 

Aberyswyth Open: Finalists

Aberyswyth Mini: 

Pro-Am Final Winner

Top 10 speakers award

Top 10 Novices award

Exeter Open:

Silver Finalists

Top 5 best speaker award


We run bi-weekly social events throughout the academic year.  This is a fun-filled way our members can form meaningful relationships with each other and relax.  Our socials are welcoming and the committee is willing to help newcomers make friends within the Society. 

The iconic Rail Ale Trail, Winter and Spring Balls, Surrealists, Prosecco Social, Pimms Picnic and Pub-Olympics are the pillars of our DebSoc tradition. Alongside the 'DebSoc Classics,' we also run other socials which change from year to year.

Follow us on Facebook to get updates on the dates and details of our socials for the upcoming academic year!