Committee 2019/20

A diligent worker. Ethan can often be found making terrible puns in Firehouse in the early hours of the morning


Ethan Green

As Chair Phoebe has the exciting task of choosing the motions or the weekly show debates, arranging the panel, and maintain their order


Phoebe Pennington

As the other Chair Michael also has the exciting task of choosing the motions or the weekly show debates, arranging the panel, and maintain their order


Michael Rennie

As a Speaker Secretary Joseph's role is to ensure that we book the best panels possible for our weekly debates

Speaker Secretary

Joseph Crickmore

As a Speaker Secretary Luke's role is to ensure that we book the best panels possible for our weekly debates

Speaker Secretary 

Luke Gyesi-Appiah

The society's northerner for 2019/20 replacing Dominic Phillips. Ronan loves a night out and drinking and sometimes invites the society along as well

Social Secretary

Ronan Canham

Andrew as the society Treasurer is tasked with ensuring that the society stays within budget and all expens are paid


Andrew Bosbery

Alex's responsibilities include the oversight of the societies functioning as a well as reaching out to sponsors 


Alex Goodman

We are lucky to have Madison to arrange our weekly workshops and competition attendance

IV Captain

Madison Beale

Our resident PhD student, we are also extremely lucky to have also Ben as the other IV Captain

IV Captain

Benjamin Shears

Finn is a very capable IV Secretary, the first  hopefully many. He is tasked with aiding the IV captains and organising our debating competitions

IV Secretary 

Finn Waldron

The resident tech expert of the society. Nick is a very approachable face who is responsible for the society's paperwork

General Secretary 

Nicholas Hansen

Most good things come in a pair and this is no different for Alex and Ronan. Not only is Alex responsible with Ronan for our social lives, but he is one of our best speakers as well

Social Secretary

Alex Dachs

Being the Publicity Secretary for the society, Matthew is responsible for creation of our publicity materials

Publicity Secretary

Matthew Aspinall

Committee 2018/19

Starting the year with a committee of strangers, Jake preformed fantastically ending the year not only overseeing the society's first attendance at the European Championships but preforming to a high level as well. He was an excellent frontman who could always present things in the best way possible for the society's benefit


Jake Myers

Posing at Southend Beach With Muhammad -

The more humorous of the two chairs, due in no small part to occasionally stumbling over his words. Ethan could maintain order when needed with a deafening use of the gavel and introduced various new formats which are now regular events -- all while never wearing the same outfit twice


Ethan Green


Fatema's ground to earth and realistic attitude was a much need assert to the committee. Her diligent organisation meant that there was never a social which seemed rushed or ill-thought. Her memorable sarcastic humour won her many fans, winning the comedy roast by a comfortable margin

Social Secretary

Fatema Redha


Astute and witty Ben always had the perfect remark to lighten the mood of a stressful period. His impeccable organisational skills ensured that the year went smoothly. Additionally, Ben developed a sophisticated talent for judging and missed breaking at the European Championships by the narrowest margin possible

General Secratary

Benjamin Shears

Winter Ball - Aged 19 With Dominic.jpg

The resident northerner for the year and unofficial bouncer. Dominic was an auspicious and forward thinking member who would routinely provide insightful suggestions which without would have meant the year would have not been as good as it was

Publicity Secratary

Dominic Phillip


Famously agreeing to the role after Ethan promised to share a embarrassing story. Katie's affable manner gave her sway over the society very quickly. Always a team player she alongside Emma spoke on one of the show debates to ensure a full panel was present 

Speaker Secratary

Katie Duly


Undertaking a larger workload than previous IV captains while also working on top her studies, won Alex the respect of all her peers for her genuine passion and knowledge about the debating circuit. It was her laudable efforts which resulted in the Society's best performance in competitions so far

IV Captain

Alex Westlake

Gradball 2019 - Aged 19 With Olivia (11)

Incredibly well organised and efficacious, Olivia quickly developed a reputation for the consistently excellent panels. Moreover, her scheduling system formed not only the basis from which her colleagues organised their debates, but future chairs in her wake


Olivia Wilton


Alongside Alex, Ethan, and Jake; Emma was one the best speakers in the society who was an inspiration to many. Her genuine care about providing the best socials possible was truly touching and greatly appreciated by everyone who benefitted from it

Social Secretary

Emma Wace


Never seen without a smile on his face. James was always a lovely presence to be around with his lovely manner. He should be commended for his willingness to pay for society expenses without hesitation. It was his and Ben's idea orginally to create this website which inspired future committee's


James Washak


Assisting Ethan once he became the sole chair at the start of term two. Nick to everyone's marvel manged to balance and intensive position with many other commitments. Additionally, his memorable 'we NEED a revolution speech' was a big part as to why his side won the best of DebSoc debate for that 

Speaker Secratary

Nicholas Hansen

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